Zerong Lin

Zerong Lin


B. Arch., Fujian University of Technology, 2012

Key Skills/Strengths

Retail Architecture Design

Commercial Mix-use Complex Design

Master Planning

Graduated from Fujian College of Engineering in 2012, he worked in the Ministry of Public Construction of Sidi International (Shenzhen) before joining PHA. During this period, he mainly participated in the design of public construction projects, such as urban complex, commercial center and super high-rise office.

During the inauguration of PHA, he was mainly responsible for the deepening of Huarun Chongqing Wanxianghui scheme, Xian Longhu Xiangjuan Tianjie scheme and deepening design, and Huarun Guiyang Wanxianghui conceptual design. Can be competent at all stages of commercial and complex projects, and can better complete the deepening work of the program, control the elevation effect and coordinate the promotion of the project. In charge of Huarun Chongqing Wanxianghui Project, due to better coordination of the work and cooperation of various professions, the project can be effectively promoted and smoothly carried out, and get high evaluation from the owners.



Suning Xi' an High-tech Zone

Longfor Nanjing Paradise Walk

CR Land Dadukou Mixc Shopping Mall