Longfor Nanjing Paradise Walk

Project Summary

Location: Nanjing, China
Project area: 63,410 m²
Service: Architecture、Interior

Longfor Nanjing Paradise Walk is located in the core area of jiangbei new district, a state-level new district in Nanjing. With convenient direct subway transportation, it is the first subway upper cover project in jiangbei district. Adjacent to Laoshan natural scenic area, combined with the northeast of the base of urban landscape resources. With mountains and natural landscape as the core concept, PHA put forward the design concept of "ecology + movement + full format".

Architecture and interior design of this project are designed by PHA team. In the aspect of architectural design, continues the intention of "mountain" in form, highlighting the calm sense of mass. On the facade, the design intention is "Dancing Nanjing". The 2 sculptural lines, like dancing ribbons, are the main entrance, which is converged at the corner by both sides of the facade, which strengthens the entrance guidance and avoids the building volume from being too "heavy" to some extent.

In the interior space, "topic, scene, emotion" is the starting point of the design, and "find the environment" is put forward as the concept of the project interior design. The whole space is endowed with three themes: the mountain market, the valley stream, and mountaintop park. Multiple green plant landscapes are placed in the space, perfectly combining comfort and business, creating a natural ecological, warm and friendly life shopping space.