Di Wu

Di Wu

Senior Associate Director

B. Arch., Anhui University of Architecture, 2012

M. Arch., University of Michigan, 2015

Key Skills/Strengths

Project Management


Retail Architecture Design

Commercial Mix-use Complex Design

Retail Planning

Master Planning

Di Wu is an experienced and talented architectural designer. Graduated from the University of Michigan with Master of Architecture degree, Di Wu had worked and studied in China, the United States and the Netherlands. He collaborated on multiple built and ongoing projects from small scales such as house renovation, art installation to large as , urban planning, cultural and institutional facilities.

Working as a professional architectural designer, Di Wu is always self-motivated to explore complicated design issues as well as to provide innovative and practical solutions. He collaborates with design directors to generate key concepts and realize those concepts to a completed proposal by utilizing his professional knowledge and advanced graphic presentational skill. Asides from conceptual design, Di Wu is also engaged in projects from design development to construction document phases. He has thorough understanding of how to balance meeting client's need and scope as well as bringing value through design to all projects.

Di Wu worked on some of the most innovative projects and landmarks in China,the United States, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Algeria. With extensive experience overseas, Di Wu has a deep understanding of the impact from globalization and localization. During the conceptual phase, he always brings fresh cultural interpretation to the design concepts, to identify themselves within the global and local context. During the execution phase, he is an excellent team player and an effective communicator with clients and other participated parties. Di Wu's versatile international experience and diligent work ethic have endowed him with strong interpersonal and organisational skills as well as high adaptability that make him capable of working on complex projects, keeping pursuing high quality design and playing a major role in dynamic teamwork environments.

Di Wu's recent projects include Shimao Riverfront Mixed-use project, Chengdu Tongseng complex, Shanghai Binjiang road Showroom, Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park Science Island urban planning, Guangzhou 3+1 competition, Shenzhen Caiwuwei urban research and design project, Zhengzhou New Town core district design, Parking structure of the Princeton University, the New Algeria Parliament building, as well as office and retail projects in Baku White City core district.