Clive Chow

Clive Chow


B. Arch., University of Southern California

Member, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Registered Architect (HK)

Key Skills/Strengths

Project Management


Retail Architecture Design

Commercial Mix-use Complex Design

Retail Planning

Master Planning

Clive graduated from the University of Southern California, majoring in Architecture. With over 10 years’ experience in architectural design, Clive shows a strong leadership in design and project management, especially in commercial projects. Clive participated in designing and advancing many successful domestic large-scale commercial projects that won numerous international awards.

Clive has been engaged in different architecture designs, such as mixed-use, retail, hospitality, industrial park and civic service. He has a rich experience in different construction technics and methods, especially for architectural details. Clive is professional from conception to design development, also an expert in managing excellent circulation for commercial projects. He has participated in various architecture competitions for development project around the world, including Bangkok, Thailand and Dubai, UAE.

Clive previously worked in a well-known international architectural firm and now is the director of PHA. In 2017, Clive was presented in the "Chinese Contemporary Young Architects". With sharp insights and innovative spirits, Clive constantly thrives and promotes exceptional architectural projects.




Junfa Dongfeng Plaza (Eye of Spring)

Shenzhen Technology Park

SCPG-HUIDELONG Hangzhou Aoti InCity

CR Land Dadukou Mixc Shopping Mall