Xiao Zhang

Xiao Zhang

Architectural Designer

Huazhong University of Science and Technology   the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture

Politecnico di Milano  the Master's Degree in Architecture

Zhang Xiao graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy with a master's degree in architecture. Before studying in Italy, he had 5 years of architectural design and experience in China. He has participated in various types of projects, including large-scale complexes, cultural and educational buildings, residential renovation and exhibition design, as well as large-scale urban and landscape design.

As an architect, Zhang Xiao not only designs projects in terms of experience, but also tries to find hidden features in the projects to create unique architectures. He is also good at analysis, and finds core concepts from it to collaborate with the design director in developing the project. At the same time, he also enjoys the process of solving problems in the project, and believes that more bright points can be found in the process. In addition to conceptual design, Zhang Xiao also has experience of design development and communication with clients and cooperation companies, so that he can play various roles in the team.

Zhang Xiao's experience of studying in Europe has given him a broader international view, which training him thinking from multi-dimensional perspectives in the design. At the same time, he is constantly learning in the projects, so that he can contribute more to the team.