Ningguo Road BINGO Mall

Project Summary

Location: Hefei, China

Project area: 27,400 m²

Service: Architecture

The site is close to the centre of Hefei, which is the capital and largest city in Anhui Province in Eastern China. It is partially surrounded by a University Campus with residential properties in the north and a famous F&B street in the southeast corner.

The mixed-use project makes use of the available land and combines retail, office and residential accommodation. The development is well integrated into the urban environment and the stylish and modern architecture combines with the local context to form a signature destination within Hefei City.

The main retail scheme is composed of one 6-story shopping mall and a 3-story shopping street, while 4 towers (one 150 m office tower and three 100m residential towers) sit on the podium. The retail mall is made up of four intersecting rectangular blocks stacked across each other at differing alignment. The east and west main entrances of the retail mall are highlighted by a 2-story transparent glass façade. The façade on the third and fourth levels is composed of decorative lighting strips, thin dark stones bands and beige stone panels. A substantial transparent glass curtain wall box lit at night by high strength spotlights surrounds the cinema on the fifth and sixth floor. 

The 1,500 m² public space at the southeast part of the retail mall and shopping street forms the entrance to the retail areas. This provides space for public activities and pulls in visitors from the busy F & B Street. The 3-story shopping street surrounds the northern part of the main retail mall and three bridges, one that crosses the Ningyi Road, connect these. A special glass canopy at the Northwest part of the site distinguishes the main entrance of the car park, while the main drop-off area is at the first level below ground.

The design for both the residential and office towers is a predominately vertical and this feature is further emphasized at night with feature lighting strips helping to create this iconic design.