Hanxi Changlong TOD Complex

Project Summary

Location: Guangzhou, China

Project area: 84,496 m²

Service: Architecture

It is located in the south side of Guangzhou Changlong Tourism Resort in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. It is located at the intersection of Hanwan Station of the intersection of Metro Line 3 and Line 7. The convenient transportation and large-scale entertainment facilities provide the development of the project. Unique and superior foundation and imagination. To create a three-dimensional overlay of a natural landscape, a reconstructed high-density natural complex. We create a three-dimensional landscape that allows the green belt to rise slowly and extend to the surrounding landscape of the site, creating a new image of a three-dimensional landscape. At the same time, it is equipped with commercial office, high-end hotel, public housing, and integrates functions such as living and working. At the entrance to the commercial, I don’t know the sunken plaza. Pedestrians can walk into the building from the green space along with the landscape ramp. The multi-story west retreat strengthens the diversity of the space and creates a public space for efficient integration of business and integration. A public space surrounded by oxygen to enhance the vitality of the project, combined with top-level commercial efficiency, convenience, and business, to create regional influential commercial landmarks.