Haicheng Group Changjiang Star Phase 2

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China

Project area: 364,914 m²

Service: Architecture 

Haicheng Changjiang star Phase II as a large-scale commercial complex with a height of 200 meters, approximately 360,000 square meters GFA in total, well-designed by the PHA which contains business facilities, loft apartments, hotels and offices. The CBD center located in Jiangnan New district, Wanzhou, city of Chongqing provides the significance supplies trading hubs for eastern Sichuan, western Hubei, south of Shaanxi, eastern Guizhou and western Hunan since antiquity as the commercial landmark in the future, rebuild the glory of “Frequent trading activities, Gathering quantities businesses ” which even more important as the economic intersection of Yangtze river especially for “One Belt One Road”. An oil painting of the whole riverside interface appears to be abstractionism artistic style, talent showing itself from the background. Perfectly harmony blend in misty and hazy night of “Fog City” once again, which eye-catching with the highlighted colors according to architecture coloring composition of the project. Creating the most lustrous and brilliant “Heart of the Yangtze River” on the south bank is more than a city landmark and an optimal scenic viewing tower. Setting up multilayer features of landscape units on the “Cityspire” at a height of 200 meters, which form a unified whole connected by a façade club at the top of super high-rise towers and the bottom of buildings as well. To meet the resident’s novelty and variety of shopping requirements at the maximum level. Multi-tier design combined with altitude difference. Install rooftop set backstages on each floor in order to form a multi-modality swing space in the meantime. PHA make full use of natural mountains and water resources endowment advantage. Creates “mountain climbing, water rafting” artistic conceptions of multi-dimensional of rich business space.