Sce Property Fuzhou Commercial Plaza Project, Fuzhou, China

Project Summary

Location: Fuzhou, China
Project area: 83,000 sq m
Service: Architecture Design, Interior Design


Designed by PH Alpha Design, Sce Property Fuzhou Commercial Plaza Project is located in the core area of Yantai Mountain Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, with a total GFA of 409.78 million square meters. This area is fully equipped within 3km and has a superior geographical location. There will be a third-line subway intersection on the north side of the future plot, and the subway exit is only about 200 meters away from the mall.
In order to cater to Fuzhou’s demands for a comprehensive city and the trend of upgrading of riverside space, PH Alpha Design positions the project as a redefinition of a reasonable space and combine the unique advantages of Fuzhou.
For thousands of years, Min River has nourished the dual cultural attributes of the Central Plains civilization and the commercial civilization for Fuzhou. It has also become one of the indispensable sources of Fuzhou's economic and cultural development. Starting from the roots of the city, PH Alpha Design brings forward the design concept of "Water City + Mountain Building", creating a connection between water, mountain and city. Through the combination of mountains and flowing water, we try to build a continuous, multi-level space.