About us

PH Alpha Design is the vanguard of delivery the art of architecture with the highest value for clients and the public. PHA headquarter is located in London and Hong Kong, and has branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, the architectural firm is earning an international reputation as one of the leading creators of large-scale, mixed-use projects in Asia. The PHA portfolio of work spans commercial retail enterprises and cultural facilities for clients that include CR Land, Hong Kong Land, Kerry Properties and Longfor in locations across the mainland.

PHA is one of the mainstream architecture firms in designing large-scale mixed-use developments, it always takes the innovative and practical design approach. As one of the conscious of the responsibility that designers have to address sustainability issues and green design, guiding their clients to an awareness of the responsibilities developers bear to lessen the environmental impact of their projects whilst at the same time earning the respect of the local communities in which they are investing. The practice notes that although not all developers are concerned with their project’s environmental impact, that as architects it’s important to be part of the conversion.