Hong kong Land Yorkshire Complex

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China

Project area: 443,800 m²

Service: Architecture

Liangjiang New Area is the Financial and Innovation district for the upper-bank of Yangtze River. Located in a major public transportation hub and metro station will be directly linked in the near future. The complex includes retail, shopping street, entertainment, office and serviced apartment.

The scheme is tailor-made to maximise positive impact on the local people and climate, a remedy to social needs. PHA introduced the natural complex, where nature, retail, commercial and residential comes together. Comprising a modern city garden with commercial experience, ideal for families, young population and businessman. Also to enhance the district's representation, making a strong statement as the new prominent landmark.

Sustainable architectural features are the backbone to the scheme, such as natural ventilation paring with geothermal air cooling system, natural light collection combined with low-emissary glass. Green coverage rate is at 30%, local plant species will be supporting the system. Construction will rely on selections of local material as well.