Junfa Dongfeng Plaza (Eye of Spring)

Project Summary

Location: Kunming, China

Project area: 603,900 m²

Service: Architecture


International Property Awards 2015-2016

Best International Retail Architecture

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016

Best Retail Architecture Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015-2016

5 Stars Best Retail Architecture China

World Architecture News Awards 2014

Longlisted in the WAN Commercial Award 2014

The site of the project is in a prime location in Kunming CBD with surrounding areas, which include lower end shopping blocks, a park, sports stadium and the national revolution memorial totem. The development will provide suitable entertainment outlets for visitors of all ages as well as creating community and activity spaces for the local population. With a 500m-office tower and a 250m SOHO tower sitting on top of this grade A shopping mall, the project will provide Kunming with an iconic landmark and a major anchor destination for entertainment retail and shopping.

The design concept of this project originates from the movement of spring breezes, which is the signature of Kunming, namely the City of Spring. To achieve harmony and elegance in the execution of the design the natural movement of the breeze is reflected in the free flowing arrangement of the plan. Layers of massing are carefully designed to be both functional and aesthetically integrated. The facade is double skinned with a glazed outer layer and an internal layer of either timber panels or fritted glass in a variety of different patterns. The design creates both a serene feeling during daytime and an exciting lighting effect at night. The scheme combines the retail strategy with both modern science and technology while adopting the cultural and natural resources of the city to produce multiple creative spaces. This coupled with the provision of green public space for the visitors and local residents will result in a project which will becomes an iconic landmark and magnetic destination for office space and retail in Kunming.