Longfor Changzhou Paradise Walk

Project Summary

Location: Changzhou, China

Project area: 161,433 m²

Service: Architecture、Interior


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020

5 Stars Best Retail Interior China

International Property Awards 2019-2020

Best Retail Interior Asia Pacific

International Property Awards 2019-2020

Best International Retail Interior

Changzhou, a city along the river, gives people a first impression of canals and boats. According to the city’s regional characteristics, PHA design team introduces the canal culture consisting of boats on the canal, riverside docks and lookout towers to create a special IP spacial environment. As the first canal-based ecological space IP, the project provides the local residents a warm and tender service space as well as a sense of belonging to the urban culture and memory. Through the imitation of the ship’s bow, the main atrium adopts a void design of space themed with “boats on the canal”, which is so magnificent that becomes a new landmark in Changzhou.

By considering space as water, shops as riverbank and docks as nodes, PHA focuses on the theme of “boats on the canal” to design the interactive installations of “riverside docks” and “lookout towers” respectively in the other two atria, which further strengthens the space theme and vividly presents the commercial atmosphere along the canal inside the building. As the scene varies from place to place, PHA’s emphasis on details reflects its meticulous attitude and professional design.

Architecturally, PHA introduces the unique folk culture of “disordered needlework” in Changzhou and adopts the parametric design to create the special facade. With cultural focus LED light strips and color-changing aluminum plates are employed to functionally highlight the two main entrances. The combination of locality with new technology breaks the barrier of homogenization of the traditional shopping center. The innovation and enhancement in the links of spacial creation and scene making get rid of the monotonous spatial patterns by blending in the attributes like social interaction and humanity at the same time.