SCPG Center


A' Design Award and Competition 2017

Silver A' Design Award - A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award 2016 - 2017

Project Summary

Location: Shenzhen, China

Project area: 128,000 m²

Service: Refurbishment (Facade and Interiors)

The old (SCPG center) was restricted because of the problems of internal space structure such as low floor height and poor moving-line design, which hindered shopping experience. Along with unceasingly upgrading demand of consumers, PHA carries out the transformation from several aspects including interior space, exterior facade, external commercial square and comprehensively enhances scene experience of consumers, creating a new landmark of quality life in Shenzhen. To bring consumers more modern and comfortable shopping experience, PHA makes drastic adjustment of internal space structure and initiates the first parallel space concept in the country.