Junfa Dongfeng Plaza (Eye of Spring)


International Property Awards 2015-2016

5 Stars Best Retail Architecture China

Project Summary

Location: Kunming, China

Project area: 603,900 m²

Service: Architecture

Junfa Dongfeng Plaza (Eye of Spring) has been highly eye-catching since the launch of the project. Set in the absolute CBD of the major city of Kunming, the project is positioned at large-scale international urban complex which serves as the epoch-making landmark of central Kunming City. Covering the high-end commercial centers, Class A offices, super five-star hotels, luxury apartments, recreation and sightseeing, subway check-in and etc., it will be a new commercial landmark of Kunming City in the near future.

Based on regional characteristics of Kunming, Spring of City, the design of commercial podium buildings of Eye of Spring follows the designing concept of “spring breeze” inspired by the beautiful scenery of dancing grass and trees in the breeze, trying to present a romantic and lightsome visual effect. Regarding the appearance design of commercial podium buildings, simple blocks are established in light of the current site limitation and towers’ present situation, and dynamic and smooth curved surfaces are formed in combination with both the outline of towers and the concept of “spring breeze”. The design concept of commercial podium buildings’ facades originate from the practice of paper cutting and the paper surface undulates greatly. Then three interlocking curved blocks are formed as an integrated and interesting space full of changes, which generates different levels of terraces. With unified facade elements, the appropriate, surrounding and extending design method echoes the main tower project, which guarantees the completeness of overall building design while highlighting the first-class business facade.

In the planning of the interior space, PHA sets up an atrium of 7 storeys in the central area joining three lines of pedestrian flow, using the streamline element combined with design inspiration from Aalto Vase. It takes advantage of the sufficient light from the roof window to make the atrium a core space inside the commercial podium buildings as well as an important place for exchanges and exhibitions in the mall. As for circulation design, the atrium’s escalator is set up with overlapping alternation, which enriches one’s visual experience of space and attracts pedestrian flow to gather. The public activity space and F&B are interspersed with each other around the atrium, further contributing to the active pedestrian flows in public space.