Suning Xi' an High-tech Zone


A' Design Award and Competition 2019

Iron A' Design Award - A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award 2018 - 2019

Project Summary

Location: Xi’ an, China

Project area: 324,261 m²

Service: Architecture, Interior Design

The project is located in the district of Xi’an High-tech Technology Park, in which it aims to provide an all-in-one mixed use that consists of technological interaction, sustainability, sports and arts.

PHA merges the historical elements of Xi’an and a contemporary commercial character into the design of the project, which is infused with high-tech art installation. A smooth and direct circulation, together with terraces, sunken plaza and sky garden, blurs the boundary of the indoor and outdoor space. The multi-layered environment allows the design to be vivid which suits the young generation of consumers in the district. On the façade design, PHA uses sophisticated computerized parametric design, a combination of 5 modules of aluminum panels creating a modern version of the ‘wall’ façade.  Moreover, a self-invented façade materials and high tech lighting system is introduced based on the branding need of Suning, which effectively maximizes the influences of its brand.  

The ability to mingle history and modernity, commercial and technology, Suning Xi‘an High-tech Zone will rise in this historical city of Xi’an and become the destination with its unique trade mix which is well reflected in the architectural design.