International Youth Community


International Property Award 2020-2021

Arward Winner of Retail Architecture China

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China

Project area: 178,267 m²

Service: Architecture Design, Interior Design

Facade design takes “glistening water in the sunlight” as the design concept. Abstract the scene of sunlight shining on the glistening water like gold, and apply the glistening light spot and water texture extracted from the scene to the facade. As the northwest corner of the site accommodates pedestrian flows from the west residential zone, the north park and the future subway station, a commercial main entrance plaza will be set here. From the plaza, multi-node activity space is set up to create continuous activity scene inside the site. Set the block’s main entrance at the southwest corner of the site and form the entrance space through continuous special buildings, from which surrounding residents are attracted to enter the internal commercial block.

For creating a diversified futrue urban city mall, the atrium part of the project is based on the theme of "urban valley", this concept is fully integrated with the indoor shopping space which creates a comfortable shopping environment and social space, also makes it become an oasis in the city.