Shanghai Qihe Road Wal-mart Renovation Project


Novum Design Award 2021

GOLDEN NOVUM DESIGN AWARD in Interior Design Category

Project Summary

Location: Shanghai, China
Project area: 9,438 sq m
Service: Interior Renovation Design

Shanghai Qihe Road Walmart Renovation is an interesting attempt to fully integrate music and art with interior design, creating a unique commercial landmark for Shanghai that will evoke the emotional resonance of music lovers. Whether you are a lover of classical, jazz, rock or just a curiosity, you will be able to find your place in this musical paradise.

The entire interior space is like an octave box with different rhythms, whether it is the penetration of the concept or the color matching, all of which shows the designer's whimsical ideas. The piano keys and gramophone elements on the top ceiling enhance the sensory experience and help attract customers to stop by, while the flexible and interlocking lines on the second floor lead people into the jazz music area. The design of the atrium draws inspiration from the curves of the pentagram, the combination of the wall barricade and the acrylic light strip conveys the rhythm of the music, and the large champagne tones enrich the texture of the area as a jazz theme. The space is made more three-dimensional by the speaker art installations dotted along the walls of the street area. 3 floors are decorated with dark metal with bright mirrors, supplemented by audio pendants, iron mesh and luminous words, rendering the qualities of rock music industrial style and heavy metal to create a unique trendy IP hitting point.

In the design of other subsidiary spaces, the designer still continues the theme concept of music. The bathroom design is a change from the traditional minimalist style, using the textural layers of vinyl records and coarse grain fusion to create a retro but novel characteristic space, while the elevator lobbies on the 1st to 3rd floors are decorated with piano keyboards, mixing tables and electric guitars on the walls respectively, allowing customers to burn the soul of music even during the boring time of waiting for the elevator.