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Luneng Lingxiu Mansion Commercial

Project Summary

Location: Jinan, China

Project area: 199,400 m²

Service: Architecture


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2017-2018

5 Stars Best Leisure Architecture China

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2017-2018

5 Stars Best Retail Architecture China

Project site locates at the southern part of the Jinan Central City, the south entrance to the Jinan City. The site is in a prime location which only 11km to the Jinan Railway Station, 12km to the Jinan East Station, 14km to the Jinan West Station and 27km to the Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport.

The design has some characteristics of buildings during the Republic of China period in Jinan – with elegant appearance while the structure is good, plenty of windows which enhance air circulations of all rooms.

The design of the canopy is inspired by a giant tree, the tree stems being the support while the branches and leaves are the pattern of the canopy. The growth of the tree implicates the tremendous changes of Jinan throughout the history, highlighting the spirit of Jinan. The design makes use of height different of the site and idea of multi-plane architecture, which providing a new destination for shopping, leisure and entertainment. The iconic canopy and huge curtain wall highlight the location of the main entrance, together with the stairs which can draw people to go to the main building and plaza. The entertainment plaza locates at the main entrance of western side of the development, designer also use stairs to lead people to go to the first floor.