Project Summary

Location: Hangzhou, China

Project area: 369,110 m²

Service: Architecture


In the heart of the newly developed district, Baoli Junhui Central is a mixed use development that include grade A offices, a 5 star international hotel, a boutique shopping mall and a rain protected shopping street.

The design concept of shopping center and commercial street is to create a green and environment-friendly shopping center, which has an indoor greening yard and forming a new concept of shopping mall. The design of the facade is inspired by the form of amber stone glistening in the sun. The shape mimics the natural shape of the gem, forming an interesting interweave of light, shadow and color.

The material is made of perforated aluminum plate, which creates varying lighting effect. The pattern of perforation uses the idea of leaves floating in the sky, and form the entire façade using 4 modules of panels. LED grid system is carefully designed to ensure that they will not be visible during day time due to the perforation of facade. The building also provides multi-level green space. The layers of scattered roof greening seamlessly connect to commercial street and ground.

On the shopping street, the façade continues the concept of bringing nature to commercial space, the shape of the varying horizontal strips originates from the shape of leaves, where the space in between the strips is presented in different materials – fritted and reflective glass.

It will bring Hangzhou a trendy and high end retail destination.