Longfor Changzhou Paradise Walk

Project Summary

Location: Changzhou, China

Project area: 161,433 m²

Service: Architecture、Interior


International Property Awards 2019-2020

5 Stars Best Retail Interior China

International Property Awards 2019-2020

Best Retail Interior Asia Pacific

International Property Awards 2019-2020

Best International Retail Interior

Changzhou, a water-based city —— canals and boats constitutes the initial memory of the City. Relying on the city's regional attributes, PHA design team, introduces Canal Culture, with canal boat, riverside wharf, watchtower to create space IP characteristic scenes to create unique and first canal ecological space IP, providing local residents with temperature and emotional service space to satisfy the Changzhou people's sense of belonging to urban cultural memory.  “Canal Boat” in Main atrium, a space designed with bow-imitated vertical (Open-to-Below) style, is so grand and magnificent that it has recently become a popular must-go tourist destination.

Taking space as water, shop as shore, wharf as point, with theme of “Canal Boat”, PHA respectively designs "Riverside Wharf" and "Watchtower" interactive device in the other two atriums, thus further strengthens the space theme, vividly reproduces commercial amorous atmosphere on both sides of the canal inside the building. With landscape changing as people move, details of PHA are reflected in its meticulous attitude to design and professional design skills.

As for architectural design, taking advantage of Changzhou folk art Brocade Embroidery, PHA adopts parameterized design to create a cultural characteristic facade, uses strip led lamp belt and discoloration aluminium plate to highlight two main entrances and. PHA combines ground property with new technology, breaks the homogenization barrier of the traditional shopping center, innovates and refines in space creation, scene construction and so on, breaks through the fixed space pattern, and integrates social, humanistic and other attributes at the same time.