SCPG Olympic Incity

Project Summary

Location: Hangzhou, China

Project area: 53,813 m²

Service: Architecture, Interior Design


Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020

5 Stars Best Retail Architecture China

The project is located on the north side of Xiaoshan District, facing the city of Hangzhou across the river. Xiaoshan District is located on the south bank of Qiantang River, the southern gate of Hangzhou, and the historical and cultural city of Shaoxing in the east. The key step in Xiaoshan’s internationalization process is the integration of Hangxiao. From the development pattern of Hangzhou, the general direction from the "West Lake era" to the "Qiantang River era" has not changed. The project has a favourable policy environment of “Hangxiao integration”, “development along the Yangtze River and development of the Yangtze River”. The development momentum is strong and the potential is huge. 

Combined with the development background of Xiaoshan Airport Economic Zone, the former Asian Games era is the most demanding for the higher, faster and stronger spirit of sports. The architectural design is based on the theme of flying wings and flying, showing the bright future prospects of Xiaoshan District. Integrating the artistic conception of Hangzhou Jiangnan Water Village, creating a modern version of the ecological atrium space, the green space blends indoors and outdoors, creating a unique shopping experience ecological green atrium. The northwest entrance passes through the roof and passes through the roof to form a good concession relationship with the surrounding houses. Each floor is a landscape greening platform, which blends with commercial space to enhance the interaction between indoor and outdoor space. The roof creates an all-encompassing city of the sky, meeting the needs of customers of different ages, creating a 24X7 year-round activity space, making the roof a city meeting place for Xiaoshan citizen