Chongqing New Open Education Mall

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China

Project area: 18,415 m²

Service: Interior

Chongqing New Open Education MALL is located in the high-tech service section of Shiqiao, Chongqing. It is located in the core area of ​​urban functions, the core area of ​​the Liangjiang Peninsula, and the golden area of ​​Sanjianghui. It is one of the important sections of the new cultural theme shopping park in Chongqing. In response to the needs of the project, PHA proposes to break the traditional education MALL lack of learning atmosphere, artistic atmosphere, space atmosphere, and create a new multi-cultural education MALL. The combination of multi-culture forms a unique cultural journey, through the combination of different venues, the integration of "interactive", "experience", "age-old" core ideas, to build a new education MALL.

The new Open Education MALL is divided into four core areas, in which the Science and Technology Zone creates the concept of the Science Experience Hall, bringing the racing elements into the space atmosphere, and the Universe Galaxy to experience the environmental experience. The study area finished the promotion of the Chinese culture and cultural venues and reflected the idea of ​​“the combination of heaven and man, yin and yang” through the new interactive form. The Art District creates a new art gallery with different color variations and interactions. The sports area incorporates the design concepts of sharing, technology and sharing, and the gymnasium space is combined with the modern sports spirit.