Neon Matrix

Project Summary

Event:16th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition

Medium: Acrylic plates, Linear LED lamps


Year: 2019

Hong Kong Exhibition Vertical Fabric: density in landscape, demonstrates the urban conditions of Hong Kong and explores the freespace through towers.

During 1960s, the retail space in Hong Kong were flooded with Neon-Boards with different color and scale, each tries their best to attract passenger’s attention and branding the service of retailer. These Neon-Boards overlap with each other which formed a layer of symbols and signals that function more than buildings itself. The Neon-Boards itself gradually became a representative element for retail buildings in Hong Kong.

Within half century’s evolving, the consumer’s demands radically changed the format of retail space, the development of digital technology also enabled the Neon-Boards evolve into various form such as LED screen, advertisement boards and even online branding which transit the role of Neon-Boards from a separated visual symbol to a uniformed unity with retail space both in virtual and reality while keeping its role of itself as media between retailer and consumer. This phenomenon of visual media, online branding and personalized retail space coexisting in reality forms a seamless retail environment. We call this scene of coexistence and co-prosperity between media and space in reality as ‘’ landscape.

In this installation, ‘space’ were cut diagonally into different size to meet various personalized demands. Four continuous LED strips facing different direction were created. The LED volumes intertwine with the building massing which blurs the boundary between media and space. It metaphor that retail space is enriched by the embedded media and to bring unique visual and sensory experience to customer. The acrylic represents online branding and shopping which become an inseparable part of retail and it offers higher efficiency and all-pervading service to consumer. We wish to represent this interesting mixed retail environment through this exhibit.