Longfor Nanjing Paradise Walk

Project Summary

Location: Nanjing, China
Project area: 63,410 m²
Service: Architecture, Interior

As the major brand of commercial real estate held by Longfor Properties Co. Ltd, Paradise Walk is positioned as a regional shopping center facing burgeoning middle-income families and a one-stop commercial complex integrating shopping, catering, entertainment and etc. With “new idea, young life” as its position, Jiangbei Paradise Walk of Nanjing Longfor is committed to growing as a new commercial force in Jiangbei New District. The project is located at the heart of Jiangbei New District, a national-level new district in Nanjing. With a convenient transport system of the subway, it is the first TOD project on the subway station in Jiangbei District. PHA provides a designing plan integrating the building and its interior, which creates the largest flagship Paradise Walk in Nanjing based on the area’s strengths and development potentials.

Jiangbei Paradise Walk of Nanjing Longfor is adjacent to the natural scenic spot of Laoshan Mountain and boasts rich urban landscape resources in the northeast of the base. PHA design team puts forwards the design concept of “ecology, sports and all-formats” by adopting mountains and natural scenery as the core idea. In terms of overall planning, the barriers of the urban landscape space are broken and the main landscape axis is introduced into the general layout to form the key landscape node of the area, which attracts pedestrian flows for the project as well as providing a high-quality public space for surrounding residents. With the main landscape axis as the center, the base optimizes its inside road network, which fully considers the continuation of the transport connection outside the city and the urban landscape. With the enclosure of centralized business and podiums, the outer space is half-closed, which jointly forms a variety of public spaces including city lifestyle plaza, mix-used street, high-quality resident courtyard and urban green axis.

Nanjing, known as the ancient capital of six dynasties, enjoys a long and profound history while the Jiangbei New District gathered by young people is fashionable and youthful. Such a combination of contrast and harmony is also infused into the overall shape design of the project. The main building reflects the image of “mountain” in form, highlighting a steady sense of block. As for the facade, it is designed according to the idea of “dancing Nanjing”, taking two dancing ribbons as the modelling lines which lead to two lateral facades joining at the main entrance around the corner. Such a design strengthens the guidance into the entrance and avoids a too “heavy” building volume to some degrees.

Nowadays, it’s no longer the case that people go to the shopping center only for purchasing goods. Instead, they pay more attention to self-fulfilment and excellent customer experience brought by the shopping center. So how to offer a kind of high-quality spatial experience is also one of the greatest challenges in design. In the indoor space planning of Jiangbei Paradise Walk of Nanjing Longfor, PHA presents the indoor designing concept of “seeking paradise” from the perspectives of “themes, scenes and feelings”. With “natural ecology” as its IP, PHA attaches the overall space with the three themes of the amusing garden on the top of the mountain, the limpid stream in the valley and the fair at the foot of the mountain, designing the vegetation landscape in many places. Meanwhile, the innovation of multiple first-floor design is made to greatly improve the commercial comfort level and create a green living and shopping space.

PHA’s excavation of uniqueness, insight of spatial experience sense and pursuit of high-quality urban public space make the project of Jiangbei Paradise Walk of Nanjing Longfor stand out among various designing plans. At present, Jiangbei Paradise Walk of Nanjing Longfor has sealed a top successfully with the rising of the main building. Since the interior construction is in full swing, the project construction enters the acceleration period which is estimated to be finished by 2020.