Shenzhen-Longhua Fuchen Street Talen Block Innovation Project

Project Summary

Location: Shenzhen, China

Project area:30,300 m²

Service: Architecture Design

The project site is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen. The project site is located between the science and technology core and the business core in Longhua District, with close connections. The design of the project is inspired by the intangible cultural heritage Kylin dance of Longhua District, which reflects the local cultural characteristics of Longhua. It also shows the talents of this project. In the design of the architectural group, different dancing Kylins are used as the design basis, and the towers echo different movements. At the same time, the Kylin image that echoes each other is formed. We will build this project into an ecological Silicon Valley where the talents of Longhua District gather. The land is bordered by Guanlan Avenue in the west and Junzhu Road in the east. The verdant green will pass through the middle of the land and the exit of Zhucun Station of Metro Line 4 is located on the southeast side. , There are first and the last bus stops on the north side of the site, bringing people to flow to the plot. The southeast side of the plot is Zhucun Station of Line 4, and the north side is the bus terminal. A cross-street connection platform is set on the second floor between the two plots to enhance the connection between the plots and provide a rich neighbourhood life for the project. The large flat-level research and development of the enterprise are located in the podium on the north side of the No. 1 plot. The open plan is flexible in use. It is closely connected with government research and development and the subway through the platform. Setbacks are added to the podium on the north and south sides to extend the urban green landscape to the building. Form a green ecological Silicon Valley.