Huayu Bloom World Block F

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China
Project area: 135,410 m²
Service: Architecture

Chongqing’s Liangjian New District is considered the most valuable section of the city for future urban development, where it holds great significance. It is a composite zone of the central business core area and urban functional industrial belt. Huayu Bloom World Flower City is located at the center of the Liangjiang New District. Huayu Bloom World Group F completed PHA in 2016 with a total construction area of approximately 135,000 m2 and is composed of two office towers that stand 149 m tall and a construction area of approximately 82,000 m2, which are combined with a 5-storey commercial street with its own construction area of approximately 28,000 m2. Huayu Bloom World sits across from the Chongqing North Railway Station, the largest station in the southwest, next to Longtousi Bus Station, the largest long-distance passenger station in the southwest, and Chongqing’s largest bus terminal and light rail station. The Yangtze River Shipping Center Cuntan Port Terminal is close and Jiangbei International Airport is only 30 km away. Its transportation network and location is superior to many other options. 

PHA fully taps into the full potential of its site, delving deep into elements, such as raindrops, nectar, petals, and green plants to integrate them with architectural elements, forming a streamlined commercial street while drawing design inspiration from summer rains. The vertical lines that rain makes are used to set apart the two office towers in the facade design, making the towers seem even taller and more confident and business more flexible and light. The multi-functional commercial block with such a high degree of integration of nature and modernity has become a pleasant landmark for the Chongqing North Railway Station. 

The two 45-story office towers with their iconic images pointing directly to the sky have vertical bars on the top that are shuttle-shaped, and the horizontal lines gather inward. The unique roof design combines straight and simple vertical lines on the tower body to create different levels of lit-up lines. The dense and rhythmic lights simulate raindrops, like summer rain that gathers on leaves. The raindrops fall onto the facade to form an arm of the Milky Way, a continuous artistic concept. 

The commercial street exterior conforms to the height differences form a dual-story commercial street. Its buildings are symmetrically aligned along the horizontal axis. On the south side, three independent commercial boxes are located close to the city’s main road and connected to a green relaxation platform. Small commercial units of different sizes and arranged at different densities together form a commercial street with diverse forms and a sense of symmetry. The exterior facade has adopted a wooden grid design that echoes the tower, creating a luxurious and elegant building that is plain and not extravagant. The interior design along the commercial street focuses on both smooth and organic commercial circulation and interactions with any used space. The streamlined shape runs throughout the entire area, and the main entrance on the west side introduces traffic flow into the interior through a sinking square and a level entrance. The fourth and fifth floors are primarily designated as single-family commercial volumes. The three commercial boxes on the south side are connected in series with a green relaxation platform. The three commercial roofs on the north side are large areas designed for green roofing, and the commercial space of each layer on the retreating platform is combined with an interactive green platform. A green landscape that is a part of the office tower doubles as a comfortable shopping and relaxation area, providing an outdoor social space as well as a sports and entertainment area for office workers and mall patrons. It realizes a harmonious coexistence among people, architecture, and nature, fully utilizing the land value.