Real Estate College Library


A&D China Awards 2018

Best Public Space

Project Summary

Location: Chongqing, China
Project area: 33,600 m²
Service: Architecture

The new Library of Chongqing Real Estate College provide the Campus with an iconic landmark inthe centre of Chongqing Real Estate College Campus. It is surrounded with academic buildings in the north, sports stadium in the south, student dormitories to the east, andtheTechnology & Science Hall on the west. The most prominent feature on the site, a bronze memorial statue of Zhou Enlai the First Prime Minister of PRC, is located on the central axle on the north of the site.

The library is a container for knowledge and knowledge is the guiding light towards wisdom. The design is developed from the elegant form of a lantern flower, drawing people towards enlightenment. Adjacent to the surrounding education buildings and the student dormitories, the library stands out as the “heart”of the campus. The North main entrance is situated at the end of the campus axis, unifying the campus overall fabric.