SCPG-HUIDELONG Hangzhou Aoti InCity


The 6th REARD Global Design Award

Silver Award-Commercial Architecture

Project Summary

Location: Hangzhou, China

Project area: 53,813 m²

Service: Architecture, Interior Design

SCPG Olympic InCity, one of the most remarkable new development projects in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, is scheduled to open in September 2021, with the GFA of 214,000 ㎡ and a total of 7 floors (6 floors above ground and 1 floor underground). It is an elaborate architecture-interior integrated design of PHA, where architecture and interior are well combined so that the styles of the design can be consistent, creating a new interactive social platform for the city as well as a new retail landmark in Xiaoshan with unique design, top-notch artistic creativity and humanistic ecological business philosophies.

PHA architecture-interior integrated design is a design process with repeated deliberation from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside, and the design takes into account of the overall interior and exterior integrity. With innovative design concepts, the project won the Winner Retail Architecture China of IPA (International Property Awards)in 2019. This time, we will lead you into this unique building to explore its interior space design. PHA interior design has extracted the concept of "Garden Tour Along the Water" from the Jiangnan water town in Hangzhou, and integrated the theme of the building of "Soaring to the Sky", so as to strengthen the interaction between indoor and outdoor for creating an ecological, lively and dynamic space.

The structure of the "fluttering wings" hovering above the roof and the design of the roof garden have contributed to the establishment of not only the first landmark building in Hangzhou and the new IP in Xiaoshan, but also a multi-level comprehensive roof ecological garden full of fun for shopping, leisure, sports, entertainment and viewing.

Under the structure is a two-story ecological atrium. Large steps are set from the sixth floors to the fifth floor, which have been decorated with green plants along the way, providing users with an ecological and diversified space for rest and social activities. They are a perfect match for the greening in the ecological atrium. The greening has been integrated with the artistic conception of Jiangnan water town in Hangzhou, with the roof garden water system introduced into the interior so that the water flows can fall into the ecological atrium to make the public space more lively and diversified.

The high-tech transparent screen and the main atrium that retains the architecture facade design have injected dynamic charm into the commercial space and facilitated a more vibrant artistic atmosphere.

The ecological application of the circular atrium matches the outdoor space: lights are casting down from the modeling canopy of the ecological atrium with water flow-shaped LED lamps glistening, and the sun together with green plants and water flows jointly formed an ecological landscape in a "top-down" style from outdoor to indoor, bringing about an unique experience demonstrating the perfect artistic beauty.

The contrasting colors and the wings-like devices of the escalator atrium are very eye-catching, which can achieve the effect of attracting crowds and allowing them to have quick shuttles. The elevated space on the B1 floor brings about a sense of transparency and openness, forming a high-quality leisure space with the gourmet street. At the same time, PHA is well versed in the impact of greening on indoor spaces, and has decorated a large number of green plants all over the walls, columns, ceilings and chairs to create an ecological greenness, bringing a perfect view under the flickering lights and shadows.

As the carrier of humanistic spirit, architecture and interior design have a profound impact on people's work and lifestyle, which is the fundamental reason why PHA always emphasised care in its design. The timely resolving of project complexity has ensured that the original design conception and concepts can run through the entire design process, maximizing project economy while achieving the best design effect.

SCPG Olympic InCity has an important implication of creating a new retail landmark that combines experience, service and commercial interests built from the perspective of public services.