SCPG Tianjin Heping Incity Renovation Project


Novum Design Award 2023

Archtecture Design Category

Project Summary

Location: Tianjin, China

Project area: 126,000 m²

Service: Architecture

PHA maximizes the resource advantages, i.e. the project is located at the terminal of the century-old commercial street Heping Road and portal geographical advantages of Tianjin as tourism city, the future subway line 4 and transportation hub traffic advantages, and rich natural landscape resource advantages; and taking advantage of the policy of implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and building the planning policy of Haihe commercial cultural travel economic belt to upgrade the old architectural modelling and traditional commercial space through the approach of including a fine definition of the theme and multi-theme scene, bringing fresh and interesting one-stop shopping experience to tourists coming to Tianjin and local residents.

Drawing the folded line elements of folding fan culture, PHA, by combining the materials of modern science and technology with parameterized expression, shows he historical memory of Tianjin and the diversified symbols in a folded way into the facade of the building in a refreshingly popular way to manifest a kind of cultural fold-over image. And around the core square, it is to create the walking block aggregation terminal while enriching the rhythm of indoor and outdoor space taking advantage of the outdoor platform series connecting to a number of buildings featuring cultural air,

The Project consists of four independent buildings covering a total construction area of 126,000 square meters, which has both scale effect and combination advantage. With four themes as its development core including eco-cultural travel, sports technology, furniture & parent-child and fashion & art, PHA interprets them with different languages and cultural charm to echo each building's functional logic and business theme inappropriate way.