Taizhou Olympic Wanda Plaza


Novum Design Award 2023

Archtecture Design Category - Golden

Project Summary

Location: Taizhou, China
Project area: 129,000 sq m
Service: Architecture Design

Taizhou Olympic Wanda Plaza is situated on the main urban axis of Taizhou. The city in China boasts a rich culture and fine urban landscape. The plaza covers a total floor area of approximately 129,000 square meters.

The architectural design draws inspiration from the bonsai. Blocks are stacked and arranged to showcase the form of architecture, integrating Green Concept into the design. Layered setbacks on the main facade create open green spaces so that the entire building looks like hugging the city. This space extends to the core of the building, there is a transparent sunlit glass room. The pedestrian route around the distinctive glass room forms a vertical eco-park transportation system and serves as the project's urban showcase. It is a model of thecombination of three-dimensional commercial and ecology.

Taizhou Olympic Wanda Plaza represents a revolutionary exploration of physical retail. Through innovation in scene, content, science and technology, it focuses on becoming a micro-urban tourism destination. On the basis of entertainment, gastronomy and shopping, it highlights socialization, tourism, culture and life. In the future, it will go beyond a shopping mall and evolve as a Happy Mall.