Shangcheng CBD

Project Summary

Location: Kaili, China

Project area: 398,500 m²

Service: Master planning, Architecture

The project is in the centre of Kaili City, famous as a tourist attraction for its natural landscape, karst landform and ancient architecture. It is the most important development in the city and the second mixed-use project. The new development aims to maximize the benefit from the very large influx of tourists arriving every year while creating a new destination and top-class facility for the city’s residents.

One of the main constraints that drove the design solution while maximising the retail value of the development was the significant level difference over the site from south to north of over 40 metres.

The project, which includes retail, office and hotel facilities, is aligned with a major road to provide frontage to the city. The retail element consists of a 60,500 m² shopping centre, a 61,000 m² commercial shopping street and a 61,500 m² themed shopping mall that combines the traditional Miao’s architecture with modern design to blend history with modernism. The 50,000 sq.m office tower sits at the most prominent corner of the site so it will be highly visible to the city. The 30,000 m² hotel with superb views into the park in the middle of the site is designed along the contours of the hillside to merge with the natural landscape.

The friendly and welcoming Hmong people inspire the design concept where the original massing takes its form from holding hands. The different building levels in the shopping malls and commercial street provide interest, linkage and reflect a traditional Miao village with its vertically stacked and integrated accommodation.